AMSSA Art of Minute Taking Workshop

What an incredible workshop today with the team at the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies & Service Agencies (AMSSA)!

We covered all the basics of minute-taking.

Our objectives were to:

  • Discuss the roles of meeting participants, the Chair and Minute-taker
  • Introduce the AMSSA template for meeting minutes
  • Understand AMSSA’s formatting and writing expectations
  • Share tips on preparing for and actively listening at meetings.

Our agenda workshop agenda included:

  • Setting the Stage for Minute-taking
  • The Importance of Minutes
  • Writing Considerations
  • Meeting Preparations
  • Minute-taking Styles
  • Parliamentary Procedures.

The evaluation forms are in, and the feedback was great! Check out their happy, smiling faces!

AMSAA Workshop - July 15, 2014
AMSAA Workshop – July 15, 2014