Online Meeting Services

Minutes and Reporting for Online Meetings and Virtual Conferences

For over twenty years, Raincoast Ventures has been preparing minutes, reports, and agendas for in person and online meetings. Our experts provide the same level of support, before, during and after virtual meetings that our clients have been accustomed to expect at in-person meetings. Our team of virtual meeting experts is skilled at supporting videoconferencing, teleconferencing and web based meetings, including conferences, assemblies and annual general meetings.

The Raincoast Ventures experts are skilled at preparing agenda packages for easy distribution by email. Our minute-takers are trained at using web-based platforms, and generate the same professional level minutes of meetings (MoM), as if they attended in-person. To further support online meetings, we customize reports and solutions to help track resolutions and decisions.

Tips for Successful Online Meetings

Five key tips for planning successful online meetings:

  • Hire Raincoast Ventures – your online meeting experts
  • Select your online meeting platform
  • Take advantage of Raincoast Ventures online agenda package program
  • Pre-test the quality of your microphone and camera
  • Relax and enjoy the meeting.

Providing professional minutes, reporting and support for your online, virtual web-based meetings, video conferences and teleconferences.