Corporate Secretarial Services

Raincoast Ventures’ Corporate Secretaries make meetings even better

Our team of Corporate Secretaries do more than just take notes and organize meetings, they add value to all board processes, even in changing environments. Raincoast Ventures’ Corporate Secretaries know that effective decision-making requires strong support.

A Corporate Secretary provides support to the Board Chair, President/CEO and leadership team at every meeting, and the important times in between.

Our corporate secretarial experts:

  • Schedule and coordinate logistics for board meetings
  • Compile agenda packages based on the relevant bylaws and regulations
  • Ensure background materials are provided for the board meetings’ consideration
  • Take minutes at board meetings that are accurate and consistently formatted
  • Document resolutions and decisions in a format that supports easy tracking and recollection
  • Customize templates for reports, agendas, briefing notes and other corporate documents
  • Draft resolutions, briefing notes and committee reports
  • Maintain corporate minute books to ensure board and committee records are up-to-date.  

Contact Raincoast Ventures to arrange corporate secretarial support for your board, and start making your meetings even better.